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Whether your commercial project requires structural stabilization, shoring, earth retention, or void fill, we have the knowledge and expertise you need.

If you are working with a structural engineer, or have a proposal to discuss, you can contact us directly.

All commercial projects are directly overseen by Nolan Beery.

Contact Nolan now to discuss your project.

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Nolan Beery, Acculevel Director of Sales Development

Nolan Beery, Acculevel Director of Sales Development

To learn more about individual commercial services, select from the options below.

Helical Piers

Acculevel has been installing helical piers since our start in 1996.  These can be used in residential, commercial, and in construction settings. All of our piers meet the CC-ES AC358 standard, and our helical piers meet or exceed the capabilities of push piers.  Helical piers can be installed in multiple ways, from a full size excavator to a hand held unit.  This flexibility is especially valuable in tight spaces like a 3’ crawl space or between a home and garage.

In addition to stabilizing a settling foundation, helical piers have a number of other structural uses.  These include:

  • Support a structure being built on bad soil.
  • Secure footers in place during excavation.
  • Increase the capacity of existing footers.
  • Form a secure base for a new foundation in questionable soil conditions.

Helical pier foundation: secure foundation in bad soil settings.

WATCH: Helical Piers And New Construction.

Acculevel can collaborate with full engineering designs and/or submittals. We provide service all over the USA for commercial helical piers and shoring. We stock many different capacity helical piers to adapt to most needs.


If the structure you’re repairing needs additional shoring or support, deep injection is the ideal method.  It’s significantly faster and less expensive than sheet piling, installing tiebacks, or lagging.  It’s also more versatile than other shoring methods because it can be done in a more confined space without excavation.  

Shoring is also an essential tool for soil retention, to protect employees and your construction from falling earth.

Acculevel crew installing shoring onsite.

WATCH: Foundations Problems or Just Settling?

Deep Injection

The deep injection process is similar to our slabjacking method, but is repurposed for adhesive use or general void fill. 

The primary uses for deep injection include:

  • Soil stabilization: deep injection materials can reinforce or increase the load-bearing capability of the soil at a build site.  They can also stabilize a location with bad soil.
  • Improve compaction: if there is already a building on the site, and ground stabilization is needed to support the structure, a compaction test can be done to verify the necessary compaction has been reached.  (FYI: Acculevel would not perform this test, but would hire an independent agency to do so.)
  • Fill voids: because it is a lightweight material, it can seep into crevasses and fill voids with ease.
  • Stop material erosion and increase earth retention: if the worksite has gravel, a granular fill, or sandy soil, deep injection can be used to lock this material in place.

Acculevel crew performing deep injection onsite.

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